The Technology

Professional Volumetric Capture Studio

  • Portable high-fidelity capture with proprietary depth cameras
  • Ability to capture fast movements (exposure time 1ms)
  • Advanced format compatible across real-time game (Unreal, Unity) and VFX engines

Los Angeles Kings - Capture Set-Up Timelapse

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Algorithm Tech Using Machine Learning - Our Secret Sauce

  • Unrivaled quality driven by AI and proprietary tech
  • Semantic understanding that increase usability:
    Material segmentation & relighting
    Feature tracking
    Semantics aware compression
  • Patent-pending deep-learning and AI-based solution

Mobile App Capture Solution

Single RGB camera solution enables volumetric content creation from a personal mobile device.

Capture is uploaded from the users device to the cloud, processed and streamed back.

Cloud infrastructure designed to support scale and cost efficiencies.

Best in class volumetric content generation process driven by pioneering innovative deep learning approach.

Based on deep learning algorithms developed through proprietary database using millions of volumetric samples.