Tetavi: Your Digital Self

Next Gen Immersive Content

Create, Edit & Share

Our app is a brand-new immersive content platform that empowers you to create your digital self with limitless expression in the virtual world. Join the next generation of content creation, social interaction and help us shape the future of content. Be creative, be free and be yourself.

Our app is currently in BETA. You will need an invitation code to access.
You can request a code from us on Discord.

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What Can You Do Right Now?


Easily produce beautiful volumetric 3D captures of you or your friends.


Seamlessly turn 2D videos into 3D moments.


Edit the perspective, rotate your model or have fun with scale.


Bust a move on your tabletop with the AR option.


Add immersive environments to spice up your content.


Play with full-body effects for a touch of style or humor.


Share your creations on any favorite social platforms like TikTok or Instagram.